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Summary of art 2017 by Winxhelina Summary of art 2017 :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 6 4 Portrait of counselor Deanna Troi by Winxhelina Portrait of counselor Deanna Troi :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 6 16 Cosy Christmas by Winxhelina Cosy Christmas :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 5 20 Bloom the agent by Winxhelina Bloom the agent :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 12 4 Doctors in a comic by Winxhelina Doctors in a comic :iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 5 2
Love and warfare - V
„You’ll wear a hole into that letter and it’s only been a few hours,” Martin couldn’t tell if Douglas was trying to give genuine advice on something or if he was teasing, because of how careful he sounded. He had been hovering around the man ever since they got off their flight and really, if Martin had had any emotional capacity left at all he would have been grateful. Besides Arthur, who was awfully nice to everyone really, Martin didn’t have anyone like a friend here besides Douglas. So the older man’s company was appreciated even if it included some teasing.
Martin could feel his face being red and swollen from all the crying. How bad would it actually be when there was some proof of her death he did not know. He curled in on himself and whimpered.
“How did you qualify for this I’ll never know,” Douglas admitted grimly from the edge of Martin’s bed where he sat.
“I-I-I’ll l-let you k-know w-when I f-find
:iconwinxhelina:Winxhelina 2 2
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It looks beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I think the expression is very true to Benedict and it looks very genuine and natural. The rea...

That's a really interesting throught? What made you think of it? It's certainly very original. I don't think I've seen him with long ha...

by ymymy

Wow. I think this could totally be from some other series of it's own. It didn't really instantly make me think of Sherlock. The design...

I think it looks absolutely fantastic. The composition looks powerful, the lighting looks beautiful and contrasts well with the darknes...

He looks a little warmer on that photo and I think warmth really suits him, at least he seems like a warm person so I enjoy the lightin...

Yep. You're brilliant, which is what we needed to prove in the first place. The hair colour looks really different, but that can be fix...


Summary of art 2017
Overall it was a good year. I found it strange, looking back, that the months I was the most miserable at, were the months my art was also not that well done. But I'm glad I managed to draw almost every month and the month I didn't draw, I cosplayed loads so really it was good. I'm also glad to see I draw a lot of different things over the course of the year. 

I love this meme. If you want to see any pieces up close. They are in this order

Made with DeviantArt muro

Template by ChequeredTee. I'm sorry I accidentally cropped out the bottom months, but it was too late and I was not redoing the whole thing. 
Portrait of counselor Deanna Troi
I'm really happy with this. This is one of those artworks I'm very happy with even after finishing, That happens like once in a few years. Although I realize now the stars look like snow. Oh well. 

I've been watching Star Trek and I like Deanna and thought she would be fun to draw. This is super mixed media. I haven't used chalks in ages, but it was fun as I remembered. I'm happy with the way her face looks. 

So I used:

- chalk
- markers
- glittery pens
- watercolour
- candle wax

If you know any groups to put this into - help me out!
Cosy Christmas
I got a Christmas piece done! Happy Christmas everyone! 
There we have it seems my favorite couple recently Theresa & Martin. Martin ended up rather more ginger this time than I expected, but I kind of like it. 

I was very happy with the lineart and some of the colouring is good, but the other some I don't like. So I do wonder how I feel about this. I was afraid to mess with Theresa's eyes, but I feel like I ought to have. Comments?
I've got two Christmas pieces in the making... guess they'll be around a bit late.

Happy Holidays!
Bloom the agent
I haven't done Winx art in ages. And I felt like doing it. A proper one. I really like the style of World of Winx. I mean - I have always liked this sort of spy themes too. This got more & more detailed as it went on.

Thought it would look cool for Bloom to have a tattoo. 



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So - Animatsuri is over and I thought I'll do a short recap. 

Buses missed: 1

Buses taken: 4 (9 if you count the local routes)

Times spent in bus 10+ hours (Jesus)

Merch bought: 1 Yuri on Ice notebook

Panels attended: 4, counting the cosplay competition

Photos taken: 162 - don't worry I won't upload them all, only a few

Other Steven universe cosplayers met: 4

Pictures taken of me: enough to make me feel really great

Nice people met: plenty 

Fun had: quite a bit, even with some mishaps and whatnot. I'm glad I went for 2 days this time. Will do  this again next year. Honestly the 10 hours in a bus weren't too bad either. 

Pictures are coming!

Also I'm going to MängudeÖÖ next week where I will compete in my cosplay.


Helina R
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
copied from :iconfluffpuffgerbil: Deleted some of the questions....
Listening to: Tv playing next to me
Watching:This form obviously.
Eating: Don't really eat behind computer/ I try not to
Drinking:Nothing..... I would spill it on keyboard
001. Real name? – Helina
002. Nickname(s)? – Hate them - if you ever call me Hellu you will die. You can call me Hell if you
want to. Or Winxhelina - I go by that alot.
003. Zodiac sign? - Leo
004. Male or female? - Female
*deleted the educational questions* I'm in High school. Studied in that one sense 2nd grade.
008. Hair color? – Red ( Used to be brunette)
009. Long or short? - long
010. Loud or Quiet? – Depends on the situation. Usually quiet.
011. Sweats or Jeans? – Jeans right now.
012. Phone or Camera? – Camera
013. Health freak? - Not really
014. Drink or Smoke? - Not really... tried dome alcohol but don't like it.
016. Eat or Drink? - Sorry??
017. Piercings? - Don't have any. Might get my ears done someday.
018. Tattoos? - Not any real ones, but I do have some Glitter tattoos made when I feel like it. Red roses with back thorns.

019. Been in an airplane? - Yes
020. Been in a car accident? - I think so, but I was sleeping.....
021. Been in a fist fight? –No, I'm a lady

022. First piercing? – None.
023. First best friend? – Honestly.... Can't remember!!!!
025. First award? – Have I gotten any? OH YES FOR PLAY? Where I acted, directed, improvised the whole thing, being like 5.
026. First crush? – Isn't that private? Michael Knight From Knight Rider.
028. First big vacation? ........
029. Last person you talked to? – Dad. Or Milla. Depending or if MSN is considered as talking.
030. Last person you texted? - hmm... Merlin. A classmate,
031. Last person you watched a movie with? -My whole class
032. Last food you ate? – I think it was some candy
033. Last movie you watched? – Bella Vita or sth....
034. Last song you listened to? –Must check iPod
035. Last thing you bought? - Black Butler Volume 1
036. Last person you hugged? – Mum I believe

037. Food? *sigh* Chinese/indian noodles, meatball soup, layered dark break whith jam and whipped cream
038. Drinks? – juices(berries, sweet orange) sprite
039. Clothing? – Anything Black or Red
040. Book? - Too many to count....
041. Music? – Anything...
042. Flower? - Roses, liles.
043. Colors? -Black and Red. Specially romantic ones
044. Movie? - I can handle most genres unless it's very depressive or killingly educational.
045. Shoes? – High-healed Grell boots
046. Subjects? - Journalism

047. [ ] kissed in the snow
048. [ ] celebrated Halloween
049. [ ] had your heart broken
050. [ ] went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [x] someone questioned your sexual orientation
052. [ ] came out of the closet - I don't have one
053. [ ] gotten pregnant
054. [ ] had an abortion
055. [ ] done something you've regretted
056. [ ] broke a promise
057. [x] hid a secret
058. [x] pretended to be happy
059. [x] met someone who changed your life - that is impossible to answer. Every person does that.
060. [] pretended to be sick
061. [x ] left the country
062. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
063. [x] cried over the silliest thing
064. [ ] ran a mile
065. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend
066. [x] stayed single the whole year
067. Eating? - Nothing
068. Drinking - nothing
069. I'm about to? - Finish this, write a journal, try out all premuim features, write my fanfiction
070. Listening to? - TV plaing next to me
071. Plans for today/tomorrow? -Going to the cinema, uploading chapters, talking to friends....
072. Waiting for? – Chibicon

073. Want kids? - Right now - No. But it will probably change.
074. Want to get married? - If someone could ever love me
075. Careers in mind? – Jounalist, animator, writer...

076. Lips or eyes? - Eyes.
077. Shorter or taller? – Doesn't matter much..... but taller as many shorter than me would be midget( not that I'd mind that)
078. Romantic or spontaneous? - Romantic, but both would be nice
079. Nice stomach or nice arms? – Stomach I guess. Stupid Question
080. Sensitive or loud? – Sensitive, can't stand too loud.
081. Hookup or relationship? - Relationship.

083. Lost glasses/contacts? – YES
084. Ran away from home? -No, I mean Yes, I've left home running, but...
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense? – .....not really sure... maybe as a joke...
086. Killed somebody? - Tried to kill them in my fanfics, but end up failing...
087. Broken someone's heart? - Maybe...
088. Been arrested? – Nope
089. Cried when someone died? - It's a blur of a memory, but I guess so
090. Yourself? - Somewhere down deep I do a little. On surface, not really.
091. Miracles? - YES!!!!
092. Love at first sight? – Yes
093. Heaven? - hard to phrase my beliefs in that department
094. Santa Claus? – ...... I know the truth...
095. Sex on the first date? – It happens. Not a question of belief. As for me - unless I get raped I doubt it.
096. Kiss on the first date? – yes....

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? – There are many.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? - There are many things I want, but at the moment - Yes.
099. Do you believe in God? -No matter how hard I try, It's the only thing I can't bring myseld to believe in.



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